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Learning Disability

Phonics Alive! 1 and Phonics Alive! 2 The Sound Blender are essential software programs developed to help students with a Learning Disability, but what is the definition of a Learning Disability Problem?


The following is taken from the Canadian Learning Disabilities website:


Learning disabilities affect every person differently, and the disorder can range from mild to severe. Sometimes people have more than one learning disability. In addition, approximately one third of people with LD also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which makes it difficult for them to concentrate, stay focused or manage their attention to specific tasks.


If there is reason to think a person might have learning disabilities, it is important to collect observations from parents, teachers, doctors and others who are regularly in contact with that person. If there appears to be a pattern of trouble that is more than just an isolated case of difficulty, the next step is to seek help from the school administration or consult a learning specialist for an evaluation.



“The LD problem can actually be defined, and can show up in a learning disability in a number of different ways. An inability to read, or even understanding the spoken word, grasping math concepts, an inability to develop social skills or maybe the simple act of writing. LD shows up first, generally in a difference between ABILITY and actual ACHIEVEMENT.”

W. O. MITCHELL Past Patron, Canadian Learning Disabilities Association


Mnemonic Enhancement

The Phonics Alive! Family of Literacy Software contains wonderful animations and reward systems that will impress young minds with mental images. These will assist in memory retention to reinforce and help retain the knowledge they are learning. This is a distinctive advantage when teaching students with some form of LD. It helps to keep students focused on the particular module they are working in.