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Learning Grammar


The person that can eat the most, whoops .... I mean the person WHO can eat the most. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve always spoken English, or if you grew up speaking another language, English grammar often poses many difficulties for many people.


Grammar is necessary because it allows us to communicate more clearly.

Building correctly worded sentences (syntax), is the most important part of learning Grammar. If you can master just a little bit of English grammar, the people you are speaking to, or the people who are reading what you’ve written, will be able to understand you better. Grammar skills become essential in later life when preparing that first Resume and Job Application Form. Grammar skills are also necessary in College/University.


Phonics Alive! 4 Grammar will enhance the writing and communication skills of most primary and early secondary students in a skills acquisition stage of learning syntax and grammar principles. It will also prove useful for older students and adults who need additional support in gaining literacy skills and for those learning English as a second language. Furthermore, Phonics Alive! 4 Grammar should provide a great tool for mature aged students seeking a refresher in the correct use of grammar.


Developing an understanding of grammar is a major step towards developing Literacy Skills.


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