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Parents and Homeschools

We all know the advantages of reading stories to our children at an early age and ironically, in most cases, one of the first things we teach them is their A B C. Our thoughts are to prepare them for schooling and future learning, which every parent is eager to do.


Some parents like to enhance their child’s early learning skills either before beginning school or whilst in the early stages of schooling. Phonics Alive! 1 and 2 teaches the phonological, and correct way, of sounding letters and blending sounds, a most important part in preparing young minds for learning to read. As the child advances into new classes, they progress into Phonics Alive! 3 Spelling and Phonics Alive! 4 Grammar.


As they progress in their learning, there are some children who have not grasped the teaching or decoding of a word and struggle in understanding sounds and reading. Phonics Alive! provides training in this area by sounding out all letters and teaches the sounds phonetically, with no reading ability required. It is critical to understand that early intervention is paramount, if there are signs emerging of lack of ability in certain areas.


Phonics Alive! can enhance the teaching in remedial lessons. Your child can work in the home environment at their own pace, without having a scheduled time frame. This allows them more time to learn as they can utilize the program at diverse times, including weekends and during school holidays. Without specific time frames, they can repeat the program many times to increase their learning, thereby reinforcing the rules of literacy, resulting in more self-esteem. The program follows your child’s progress resulting in a report that can then be used diagnostically to determine their level of ability, on inability, in certain areas of reading. This diagnosis can save many hours of remedial teaching as it gives a remedial teacher, or a professional speech therapist, a basis on which to work with your child’s level of phonological needs.


Home Schooling is also popular in today’s society. Whether it be that families live in areas where schools are not readily accessible, that parents specifically wish to home school, or that families may wish to go travelling for a period of time, Phonics Alive! is a great way of teaching students the fundamentals of literacy. Because the program is interactive, the student must accomplish the task correctly, before moving on. Therefore the student automatically retains more information than possibly by reading or hearing an instruction.


Extra teaching activities in the form of black line masters, providing further lessons for all programs, are available in the School Versions should the parent believe that the child needs more comprehensive training.


Computers play an ever increasing role in today’s technological world. Our children are being introduced to computers at an ever decreasing age. In this computer focused world, the learning of Keyboard Skills is crucial. Keyboarding is a perceptual motor skill. It involves perceiving and then doing and once learnt, it will never be forgotten. Phonics Alive! 6 Typing is suitable for children from the age of 5 years. It will teach your child to use a keyboard correctly, before they get into bad typing habits. This will create a sound basis for the development of further computing skills. The aim of all parents is to assist their children to succeed in today’s challenging world.

Phonics Alive! software is not a cost - it is an investment! Education is for Life!