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Phonics Alive 6 Typing Keyboard Stickers

Keyboard Stickers

As an innovative approach to teaching, lower case letters are provided in decals to place on the computer keyboard. This enables the student to recognise letters that are used throughout the program and eliminates confusion with capital letters that are standard computer configurations. The typeface used is similar to foundation writing that most children worldwide are familiar with.

The use of colour should assist small children to identify fingers and their correct use on the keyboard, when using the Phonics Alive! 6 Typing program.


Colour coding is used for each finger. Pointers are Red as these are the busiest fingers and Red is a busy colour. Tall Fingers are Green, like tall trees. Ring Fingers are Blue, like sparkling sapphires. Pinkies, of course, are Pink.


Keyboard Stickers are supplied with each program.

Additonal stickers are available:

5 Pack $16.50 ~ 10 Pack $25.50 ~ 20 Pack $42.50 ~ 30 Pack $54.50