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Phonics Alive Program FeaturesPhonics Alive! Programs incorporate these features to deliver an outstanding result for parents, teachers and homeschoolers


The parent will enter the names of students, if results are required, using this part of the program. The names only have to be entered once. From then on the results will be recorded for each student, if their name is selected each time they use the program.


COMPUTER VOICE DIRECTIONAbout Phonics Alive Program Screenshot of Features
All Phonics Alive! programs have a voiceover which has been designed to guide students through the program. Using a relaxed style, the computer voice encourages students to complete exercises. The voice also advises them when an incorrect selection has been made.


The Task List gives the user the ability to proceed directly to any task within the program. This function is particularly useful when it has been established from the Student Results, that the student has a problem with certain sounds. Rather than repeat the entire module, the parent/teacher can place the student back to the area in question, and start remedial training from that task onwards. All Tasks within the program are listed by module. Click on the line representing the task you require to be taken directly to that part of the program.


On completion of a module the student is presented with a certificate which can be printed. On the certificate the student is awarded a percentage mark which is based on the number of times that they selected the correct answer on their first attempt. The percentage on the certificate is the average of the percentages achieved for the sections within that module. It is recommended that the student should not proceed to the next module unless the percentage is at least 80%. Certificates can also be customised at any time after the student has completed a module.


Student results are recorded for all responses if their name is selected each time they use the program. The performance results can then be used diagnostically to determine whether a student needs further revision or can proceed to the next module.


The Teacher Administration section allows for unlimited names to be included and classes to be set up. Clicking on a student’s name will give a complete record of their progress. It will record where the student left off during the last session and allow the parent/teacher to plan where the student will begin a new session. From this section, parents/teachers may review and print out students’ results.