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Phonics Alive! Spelling Chart

This superb wall chart is a MUST for all students in the process of learning to spell. It can also be used as a reference guide for all teachers and parents involved in the teaching of spelling. The chart identifies ALL the 15 major spelling rules that underlie the English Language.



Each spelling rule is clearly notated with examples. Vowel sounds are quickly identified in the dictionary terms of pronunciation. The chart is printed in colour on heavy duty art paper.


Dimensions: 595mm x 940mm  Price: Single copy $15.40 includes postage.


The 15 major spelling rules are:

1. The single vowel letter.

Phonics Alive Spelling Chart

2. The vowel letter pair.

3. Vowels that sound like other vowels.
4. Vowels combining with a consonant to make a distinct sound.

5. Vowel sounds spelt with non-phonetic letter combinations.

6. When to drop the silent “e”.
7. Doubling the final consonant when adding a suffix.

8. Not doubling the final consonant when adding a suffix.
9. Plurals.
10. Changing the “y” to an “i”.
11. Consonant sounds changing when followed by an “i”, “e” or “y”.
12. “i” before “e” except after “c”.
13. Using the letters “k” and “ch”.
14. Adding words ending in “ll” to other words.
15. Etymology

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