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Phonics Alive! 1

For two years I have been told that my son had a learning problem. They couldnʼt tell me what it is, just that he is an auditory learner. Being an auditory learner is not a learning problem, just a different style which they obviously donʼt cater to. He has also been working with an OT for 12 months without much improvement. Frustrated I took matters into my own hands. I was convinced that he needed to be taught phonics (old school style). I found your software online. It is brilliant. The combination of modern technology with old school phonics teaching is a recipe for success. The change in him has been nothing short of remarkable, he has only been using it for 4 weeks. He has confidence in sounding out words when reading. I donʼt need to prompt to sound out - he does it automatically. Homework has gone from being an hour long battle that would end in tears for both of us, to being finished in 10 minutes with no tears. I am looking forward to starting on the second one. I think it will provide a real step up in his reading capability and give him even more confidence in class. By the way, your program is brilliant. Michelle Brisbane QLD


Phonics Alive! 2,3,4,

We are very impressed with Phonics Alive! We purchased 2, 3, 4 and 6 for our 6 yr and 8yr old boys. Both have struggled with the basics of spelling and reading. Speech and Hearing tests show they are normal, so feedback from the specialists is they have not picked up the basics and need to go back to the old school way of learning to read. After looking at a number of programs we selected this one and have been very impressed with the results. 30min a day has generated clear improvements over the summer. Far cheaper than a tutor and no doubt more entertaining for the kids. The typing version is also well worth buying. Happy to recommend this software.


Phonics Alive! 1

Phonics Alive is a big hit in the village schools in our Sri Lanka program and they have cottoned on that they only have the first in the series and now want the rest! Dr. Donna Vaughan Vice President Partners in Micro-development Inc."

Dr Donna Vaughan

Phonics Alive! 6 Typing

The software has been excellent, both our children (8yo and 11yo) have enjoyed it at different times, although we find the summer holiday is the only time when real progress can be made. The tendency is for a bit of progress to be made, and then this progress is mostly lost again when any school projects are typed up during the school year, because there is not yet fluency with all the letters. Probably, then, our feedback would be to suggest that children don’t try typing up their work until they’ve learnt all the keyboard to some level, so they can use their skills for their projects. The presentation and operation of the software has always been flawless from our point of view.



I have really enjoyed this Typing programme. My 10 year old is making very good progress after 2 weeks, would strongly recommend Phonics Alive! 6 Typing to all age groups. My 10 year old has dyslexia and dyspraxia affecting her fine motor skills. Anne Co Kerry IRELAND



At Budawang School for Special Purposes, we are always looking for programs that can be delivered in a clear, systematic manner. We especially value material that is engaging, promotes independent learning and provides regular opportunities to assess progress. Phonics Alive! 1 and Phonics Alive! 2 The Sound Blender have been incorporated into the literacy program of one of our students who has a moderate intellectual disability and autism. Lochlan really wants to learn to read and the programs have been a wonderful support and inspiration to him. He is able to progress at his own pace, with little adult intervention, and he gains a great deal of satisfaction from the progress he has made. His teachers have reported a marked improvement in behaviour and he is proud to be able to read words with confidence, where he previously could only guess at them. We love these programs!


Phonics Alive!

I've been using the Phonics Alive! software as part of our reading remediation package for young people with dyslexia for more than five years now. I started in 2006. The innovative graphics, wonderful voiceover, and engaging activities keep young people interested and motivated! The emphasis on phonemic awareness and phonological decoding skills is in line with current research about what we know works for kids who are struggling to read naturally and fluently!

John M. Blythe MAPS BA(Hons), M.Div., M.Psychol(Clin.) Adjunct Fellow: School of Psychology, The University of Western Sydney

Significant improvements in his reading and confiidence

Our son had reading issues which we knew were because of lacking “basics” in letter / sound recognition & automation. Working through Phonics Alive 1-4 has helped him to make significant improvements in both his reading and confidence with improved NAPLAN results. I strongly recommend this software to anyone whose kids are having reading difficulty as part of an overall reading remediation plan.

Gordon - Wollongong NSW

A great touch typing program

I recommend Phonics Alive! 6 Typing to all of my parents. It is a great touch typing program.

Kris Harvey Head of I CT Eaton Square School London UK

Simply does what it says!

It’s always a pleasure to come across a program which simply does what it’s meant to do, with a minimum of fuss and bother. Phonics Alive! sets out to teach an awareness of phonics and succeeds admirably.

Les Pobjie, Computer Software Reviewer, Computer Bytes

Phonics Alive! provides opportunities for young people

The Phonics Alive! programmes provide opportunities for young people with a range of speech difficulties, to practise and apply phonics-based word recognition and literacy skills. These may not otherwise be accessible to them due to their difficulties in using spoken language. It is often thought that 'if you can't speak you can't learn to read, spell or write'. Not so! I have found highly organised and interactive programmes such as Phonics Alive! ideal in that they provide children with mastery-based, step-by-step learning experiences and parents with an easily understood and thorough guide to what can be complex and unfamiliar territory.

Speech Therapist, Adelaide

A must for Primary Schools

Phonics Alive! is a must for every Australian Primary School.

Anne Glover, Education Writer, Your Computer Magazine

Australian International Multimedia Awards

The finalist placing of Phonics Alive! in the Australian International Multimedia Awards for Excellence in multimedia production, is testimony to the benefits of Phonics Alive! as a brilliant home and classroom resource.

Family PC Magazine

PC User Magazine

As soon as I saw the lower case stickers Phonics Alive! includes to stick on your keyboard, I realised the software developers knew how to teach.

Linda Bruce, PC User Magazine